Category: Sweet Muffins


Bread Roll for One [Dairy free, Gluten free, Grains free, Sugar free]

A deliciously fresh bake in this bread roll for one, which is based on a combination of other bread or muffin recipes on this blog. Thinking about what to have for breakfast the other...


Scones with Fig Jam (Dairy free, Grains Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Paleo]

Baking with alternative, gluten-free flours used to challenge me to no end in my early Paleo baking days, and, while it has proved to be somewhat an expensive challenge, on the flipside, it has...


Flourless Choc-Coco-Nut Biscuits & Muffins [Dairy free,Gluten free, Grains free, Refined Sugar free, Paleo]

It’s Easter Sunday…Easter egg hunt time, Easter eggs galore, white chocolate marshmallow eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, dark chocolate marshmallow eggs, chocolate creme eggs, hollowed out chocolate bunny eggs, Lindt chocolate Easter bunny, all being...