Author: Prava Singh

One down! 1

One down!

Yep, week one is now behind me and will never come back….with that the total weightloss is 4.6kg. I attribute this to the radical change in my diet from high fat and high protein...

The planning and execution 1

The planning and execution

Every journey begins with a plan right? Something well thought out, detailed on paper, gearing of the mind and senses for the journey ahead, stocking up or rather stock-piling to ensure a smooth trip....

The Beginning, I have a secret to share…. 1

The Beginning, I have a secret to share….

Utopia….nice word that! Weightloss Utopia….never heard of it, but I’m willing to have a go at finding it…you want to join me? In retrospect, this is something that I should’ve started yonks ago (online...