Doing ME – Week 1 Done!

Some of my home made, made with love, healthier meal choices this past week.

Hello, I am Prava.

I am a recovering food addict.

Some days are harder than others but I lean into myself to better  myself with each food I CHOOSE to put into my body.  Some foods harm and some foods heal me.  My body may look the same as yours but the way it works is different to yours.  You see, my pancreas does not work as well as yours and needs chemicals to help it work.  This means that I have to take care of the needs of my pancreas so that I can improve the quality of my life.

I was the kid and young woman that stood at the back in group photographs, never owned a pair of jeans because any size over 40 meant that I would look horrible in it, exposing my fat thighs, bulging abdomen and a whole lot more. I never ever wore and still will not wear strappy tops or any upper garment that will expose my arms –  this was and in many ways still is in my sub-consciousness that prevents me from doing this.  It does not make me less fashionable than anyone else, and is probably informed by my traditional upbringing in being modest in dress sense.  However, losing the excess weight still did not make a change in the way I was accustomed to dressing.  Years of obesity do that to you – where you have also experienced body shaming that erodes every confidence that you may have had to perhaps be daring and break that mould that you’d cocooned yourself into…

Mid-2013 to end 2014 saw me shed a whopping 57kgs in body weight, which is equivalent to losing a whole person.  My clothes size dropped for a 22-24 to a societal acceptable normal size 10-12.  I reveled in the new me, built a wardrobe that my life’s dreams were made of and featured on and co-shared  the cover of a well-read local magazine and in another family magazine detailing my journey from fat to fit.  This was the highlight of my entire fat life.  That at mid-40 I could achieve what I could not achieve through my Terrific 20s, or my Dirty 30s.  Mindful that I never had the experience of being slim and trim ever. Never had the satisfaction of walking into any clothes store and choosing fashionable off-the-peg  clothing that would fit me. It was a pattern of obesity from childhood to almost mid-life.

In achieving what I call my optimum health during that time, I was under the supervision of a medical team.  It was their task to monitor first my insulin efficacy and medication intake vs the lifestyle change that I had embarked on.  Other than that lifeline, I had no coach or instructor that had written any generic eating plan for me or assisted me with my workout training goals.  I became my own coach as I knew me like no one else did.  I knew how my body functioned and reacted to food groups and I worked on improving my eating habits through trial and error, eventually reaching a happy medium between a Paleo, lowered carbohydrate and raw foods lifestyle change.  This worked for me.  That I  never indulged in sugar or sugar laden foods being diabetic, further encouraged the change and it made me for the first time understand the concepts of “hidden sugars”, which is vital for any healthier lifestyle.

All this time I continued researching, adding, deleting, improving on my knowledge and my lifestyle choices on my own, making informed choices that was all about me and for me. During this time I was also off every bit of medication and insulin for Type 2 diabetics caused by obesity, and it’s opportunistic chronic illnesses, of hypertension and heart disease. Then towards the last quarter of 2015, there began a series of trauma’s that impacted on the one important focus area of my life – my health.  Something wasn’t working right – blood tests revealed a reaction to the various foods intakes that worked for me over the 2 years that I had started it, deficiencies arose and at the same time personal traumas made what I worked so hard for in a sustainable lifestyle, almost an impossibility to continue with.

It’s taken me an entire 2 years and 10 months, to this month to find myself, build up the courage and spirit to continue on my journey as a recovering food addict and someone who struggled with obesity all my life.  In the two years I have regained 16kgs of the 57kgs lost which brings that loss to 41kgs and I’m claiming it, as I’m very proud of how far I have come in my journey as an always obese adult.  After turning 50 earlier this year, my birthday promise to myself was to get out of these size 14s and 16s that I’m trapped in and break free from the fat shackles that bind me, all the time keeping it naturally nutritious on my food choices, without any other artificial “enhancements” that may affect my health and well being.

So here I am (again!), 1 week complete, eating very clean and healthy all over again, already a couple of pounds down after 7 days of refreshing change and healthy food options, and ready to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.  Typically old school, I don’t rely on technology to record what I eat, but choose my little black book that follows me wherever I go. It serves as a reminder too of my goals and how important being clean in mind and spirit also reinforces the need to eat clean.  It’s compact and portable to fit into my wallet too! 

Here’s to another week of clean eating and being gentle on my 50 year old body food-abused body, through moderate exercise to begin with – moderation in all that we do is key to achieving realistic targets in our health journeys.  Too little or too much often spells disaster for many but then again, we’re all different  and it’s whatever works for you!

Thank you for reading this if you’ve got this far. Besides sharing tried and tested recipes that I have revolutionised in adapting them for my lifestyle,  I hope to blog my progress weekly and provide a weight loss and health improvement update every 30 days in my quest to doing me and finding me all over again…

I am a recovering food addict and my name is Prava.

Aluta Continua….


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Prava Singh

A Mom, daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend experiencing life through an evolutionary body with a revolutionary mind... A recent past former Type 2 insulin dependent and hypertensive walking time-bomb for 13.5 years, I have made positive lifestyle changes that has aided and abetted my health status for my overall betterment. Passionate about all things food, with a proud Indian heritage, I regularly blog my culinary attempts that have worked for me in my endeavours to break the shackles of food addictions and food slavery. Passionate about people too, my decision to share these endeavours is driven by informing others that a lifestyle change through food is indeed possible. I have indeed survived high school and survived life too in the most interesting and thought-provoking ways. Having lost over 50kgs of excess weight in just under a year, I have reclaimed my life and am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

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