Sweet Potato (Flourless) Pancakes [Dairy free, Gluten free, Grains free, Low Carb, Paleo, Sugar free]


I had left over roasted (jewel) sweet potatoes from Wednesday nights dinner, and, decided that I was not keen to eat them whole, so I put them to good use in this easy, no fuss, no mess pancake mix.  Simple, readily available ingredients, similar to that used to make banana pancakes without added nut flour or protein powder to bind them – and the end result,  nourishing, almost bread-like and smooth, soft, light and spongy textured sweet potato pancakes, zhoosed up with a berry cream sauce, turned roasted / baked potatoes into a breakfast, dessert or sweet treat option in a meal 🙂

Based on my Sweet Potato Hashbrowns recipe, blogged 2½ years ago, with some variations in the ingredients, these turned out impressively good.  As I’ve “matured” in my cooking skills, I’ve come to appreciate that there are no short cuts to well prepared meals, even those prepared in a jiffy!  This said, in the hash browns recipe I boiled the sweet potatoes – fast forward 2½ years later, I avoid boiling veggies as much as possible and prefer oven roasting them, to preserve essential nutrients lost through the boiling process. At a stretch, I’d steam veggies if I’m pressed for time in preparing a meal.

The preparation of these pancakes was effortless – it was the cooking that took a bit of time, based on the amount of pancake batter used.  The ingredient listing below make three generous pancakes, using the batter divided in equal quantities.  For larger pancakes, divide the batter in two, and the cooking time reduces too, based on how much you spread on the pancake pan when cooking.  I used a ring mould to create almost perfect round pancake shapes, however, you may pour the batter directly onto the oil heated, non-stick pan and and control the spread of the batter.

Cooked in coconut oil, added to the taste of the pancakes.  The sauce that I added to the pancakes is a mixture of coconut cream, acai berry powder and almond butter, which pretty much produced an amazing sauce.  The acai berry powder may be replaced with raw cacao powder or cocoa powder and if additional sweet taste is preferred, then a hint of raw honey or a (medjool) date will add the sweetness required.

As the recipe below indicates, a very easy to make recipe, one that is very yummy too! 🙂


180g-200g cooked sweet potato, skin off, preferably roasted not boiled

2 large eggs

½-1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp cinnamon powder

2-3 tblsp extra virgin coconut oil for cooking the pancakes

Toasted coconut, nuts and seeds for garnishing


a pinch of Himalayan or Sea salt to taste

½ tsp raw honey OR 1 tsp date paste OR 1-2 tsp nut butter, if a sweeter taste is preferred

1 tblsp desiccated coconut

a few dried raisins or sultanas

Here’s How

  • Mash the roasted sweet potato flesh and add to a food processor or blender
  • Add in the eggs and seasoning as preferred and pulse all the ingredients for a few seconds until a pancake batter forms.
  • Heat a non-stick crepe or frying pan on medium high stove top heat and add the coconut oil to coat the pan evenly.
  • Once the oil begins to sizzle, pour on the batter in measured quantities – I used the ring mould to contain the batter in an even shape.
  • Allow the pancake to cook, reduce the stove-top heat if the pan is too hot. Once the surface of the pancake begins to bubble evenly and the underside is cooked, gently flip over and allow the other side to cook.
  • Remove the pancake onto kitchen paper towel to absorb any excess coconut oil.  Repeat the process for the remaining batter, if not cooking all the pancakes simulataneously.
  • Prepare the topping sauce if using and pour over, garnish with toasted coconut or almond flakes, nuts and seeds and serve.

Enjoy 🙂




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