Bullet-Proof Coffee Pudding [Dairy free, Gluten free, Gluten free, Grains free, Sugar free, Vegan]

BPC pudding

The flavour of almost every low-carber or fitness fanatics’ month, BPC or bullet proof coffee, is a wake-me-up energiser in a mug!  A mixture of black filter coffee, grass fed unsalted butter and medium triglycerides oil (MCT) or organic coconut oil, this is an energising drink to remove the brain fog and make you feel like the Duracell bunny, for those following a low carb, Paleo or Primal lifestyle.  While some choose to add a raw egg into the mix and blend the mix in a high speed blender, I have yet to try that option, as the thought of consuming a raw egg irrespective of how well it blends with the coffee and oils, as others advise me, it’s a no go for me at this stage.  I always go for the safe option of black filter coffee and coconut oil, without the added fats of ghee or grass-fed butter and it works brilliantly for me, especially as a pre-work out drink.

Taking this energising hot drink a step further, especially for the hot summer days both current and ahead, and, for those that don’t want a hot drink before a work out or as a breakfast energiser option, this amazing cold pudding delight in BPC, is just the fix needed!  Made the night before, with almond milk, raw cacao powder, and chia seeds, and chilled in the refrigerator until the next morning, this is an amazing treat in an alternative bullet proof coffee.  You will find that as you pour the liquid onto the chia seeds, the gelatinous setting happens quickly.  If you prefer a warm Bullet proof coffee pudding, then wait for about 10-15 minutes for the chia seeds to set, and then eat the pudding.

I made my own almond milk for this pudding.  Using one cup of raw almonds, soaked in water for 36 hours, rinsed off well to remove the phytic acids, then added to my Vitamix blender with 2 cups of filtered water, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 medjool date for flavouring and sweetening, all blended together and strained in a nutbag, producing 2 cups of delicious home made almond milk which refrigerates well for 3-4 days.

Homemade almond milk

This is a recipe from Pinterest, which offers a plethora of Paleo and gluten free recipes for added menu variety.


1 cup hot black coffee (preferably filter coffee but a good instant like Dowe Egberts, Jacobs or Nescafe works well too)

½ cup almond milk  (preferably home made, preservatives and sugar free, see recipe in the introduction above)

1 tblsp coconut oil

1 tblsp grass fed butter or ghee or an additional tblsp of coconut oil

1 tblsp raw cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp cinnamon powder

¼ cup chia seeds

½ mashed ripe banana (optional)

1 tsp raw honey, maple syrup, or 2 tsp date paste for a sweeter option

Fresh or dried fruit for garnish

Here’s How

  • Add the chia seeds to a mason jar or deep glass dish.
  • Then add all the ingredients, except the chia seeds into a blender and blend for a few seconds until all the ingredients are mixed well.
  • Pour the bulletproof coffee mixture over the chia seeds and refrigerate overnight.

chia pudding warm

  • Then next morning, garnish with toppings (I used dehydrated sugar free pineapple and toasted coconut flakes) spoon the mixture into a bowl or eat directly from the jar.

Enjoy :)

Bullet proof coffee pudding

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