Sweet Microwave Muffin [Paleo, Dairy free, Gluten free, Grains free, Sugar free]


There is always an easier option than conventional oven baking, where large amounts of ingredients are used, a large loaf of bread or sweet muffins made, which often goes to waste depending on how often a bread craving hits you.  A smaller quantity, quick and easy recipe for one, during a meal is often the best option to satisfying that craving or simply as a lower carbohydrate bread option to mop up sauce or to accompany a soup meal.

My earlier microwave bread and muffin recipes including the microwave McMuffin recipe, continue to be reviewed and improved on, as I ease into my lifestyle change.  Gluten free baking, especially with almond and / or coconut flours, I have found, flavour the muffin or bread dominantly, often overpowering the true taste of the bread and for many, including myself, are not hasty to have a remake, even when the craving for bread takes over.

Working with tapioca flour or arrow root powder, which is very similar in consistency to gluten-laden flours, but is derived from the cassava root plant, is a cheaper option and it removes the dominance of the nut-based flours.  It also helps create a smoother consistency in microwave breads and muffins.  With this in mind, using tapioca flour in this easy to make microwave muffin holds promise that this quick bake is going to be successful as compared to previous makes with nut based flours only. And by golly, it sure is good!

Omitting the fruit and nuts, as well as natural sweetener, if preferred, delivers an ordinary muffin or bread that is similar to refined flour bread and works well as a meal accompaniment if the want for bread occurs.  That it is quick to make and there are no left overs for a “carb overload”, makes this appealing.  The cooking vessel of choice varies from a mug, to a ramekin, to a conical shaped dish – any microwave safe small dish works.

A muffin, scone, bread – call it what you wish but it is indeed easy to may and quite delish :)



¹⁄3 cup tapioca flour

1 tblsp coconut flour or almond flour

¹/8 tsp bicarbonate of soda

¼ tsp cream of tartar

1/8 teaspoon Salt

1 egg, whisked

2½ tblsp coconut oil (melted) OR Ghee (melted) OR Olive Oil

1 tblsp peeled and diced apple

1 tblsp raisins OR dried cranberries OR Dried goji berries

1 tblsp raw almonds OR pecans OR walnuts, chopped (or a mixture of raw nuts if you like)

Optional: * Flavourings in a quarter teaspoon measures or less, such as ground cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla, to taste may be added.

**You may add a sweetener like ½ tsp date syrup, OR raw honey OR maple syrup if you prefer a sweeter taste.

*** For a savoury or ordinary bread or muffin, you may omit the fruit and nuts, and add dried herbs of your choice if preferred.

Here’s How

  • Grease a microwave safe bowl or mug with coconut or olive oils.
  • Lightly dust the diced apples & raisins in tapiaco flour to keep from sticking.
  • Mix the dry ingredients together, then the wet ingredients, separately.
  • Now incorporate both the dry and wet ingredients together, folding in the raisins, apples and half of the almonds.
  • Pour the mixture into the microwave vessel of choice.
  • Top with remaining nuts.
  • Microwave for 90 seconds on high.
  • Allow the muffin to cool for a few minutes.
  • Remove gently and slice.


  • Should you wish to, you may lightly toast the scone in a non-stick pan on the stove-top or in a toaster.


Enjoy :)


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