Coco-Pine Chocolate Cheesecake [Dairy free, Gluten free, Sugar free]


This recipe has been a long time coming…something I have personally thought about for a long time, flexing my brain muscle, in tangent with my  food likes and dislikes,  in a combination of raw foods and real foods.  I honestly label this cheesecake, next to my malva pudding, a sort of crowning glory in baking-cum-sweet treat making Paleo and wholefoods “career”.

If I didn’t have company while making this delightful “cheesecake”, I would need to pinch myself to believe that I made it!  Dear friend Roleen Moodley, also inspired me to try out my “thinking” about the “cheese cake” filling and, also, to get the “chocolate biscuit” base pressed just right!  I’m grateful that she was around to assist and give me the “pass the taste test” thumbs up.  A non-Paleo relative spending the weekend with our family, is totally won over that this creation is gluten free and guilt free too!

Credits for this cheesecake base go to Berryn and Peter Daniel, authors of The Magic of Superfoods. my raw foods nutrition to-go-to recipe book.  My first time making this base after much procrastinating, makes me wonder why I waited so long!  My dearest Mom provided the inspiration for the filling – from my childhood dessert days, where she made a mean tart with canned carnation milk, gelatine, and pineapple on a tennis biscuit base, one of my favourite flavour combinations!

I used Superfoods real food ingredients in this recipe, including Raw Cacao powder (the only chocolate replacement next to organic cocoa powder and cacao nibs I use) and the amazing mesquite powder.  The latter, one of the amazing superfoods I use regularly, has a molasses-like flavor with a hint of caramel.  Mesquite flour offers yet another option for making gluten-free recipes using a type of flour which does not contain wheat or gluten   It is high in protein and soluble fiber, it is an excellent (partial) flour replacement in baked goods and features often in my raw foods protein smoothies, among other gluten free whole foods treats.  You may omit the mesquite powder, and, replace with desiccated coconut for an equally amazing tasting cheesecake base.  Coconut oil is the emulsifier in this recipe, and it also produces the gelatine effect, without the gelatin!

All that is left to say is that is recipe is another pure labour of love – from the kick-start to trying out an amazing base to the innovation used in creating the filling.  I have just one request for the many that are reproducing this recipe, and,  the many others on my blog, kindly acknowledge your source – it’s a respectful courtesy that all authors and bloggers appreciate :)

Final word on this amazing gluten free cheesecake, try it –  you will not regret making and eating it :)




2 cups raw pecan nuts (Raw almonds, cashew nuts or macadamia nuts may also be used to replace the pecans)

¼ cup cacao powder OR cocoa powder (sugar free)

½ cup mesquite powder OR ¼ – ½ cup desiccated coconut (you may need to increase the honey by 1 tblsp for coconut)

2 tblsp raw honey

2 tblsp coconut oil (preferably cold pressed, extra virgin)

¼ tsp Himalayan or Sea salt


Here’s How

  • Add all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until the nuts are finely chopped, and the ingredients well blended.


  • Using the back of a wooden spoon, press the mixture into a spring foam flan pan or baking tin and using a fork, pierce holes into the base.


  • Refrigerate the chocolate-nut base while the filling is being prepared.




1 cup raw cashew nuts (soaked in water for half an hour)

1 can coconut cream (refrigerated, preservatives and sugar free)

*1-1½ cups fresh pineapple (cut into pieces)

1 cup coconut oil (melted, cold pressed, extra virgin)

¼ cup raw honey OR a little less than a ¼ cup raw maple syrup

¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1-2 tsp vanilla extract

Fresh berries for garnish

cacao powder or cinnamon powder for dusting

Here’s How

  • Add the raw cashew nuts, coconut cream and pineapple pieces into a food processor bowl or a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and pulse to combine well. *Note that you have control over the colour and taste of the filling you want to create.  This is a “white” cheesecake filling, for a pink  cheesecake, omit the pineapple and add up to 3 cups of strawberries or raspberries.  For a purple cheesecake, blueberries or blackberries and for a yellow cheesecake, seasonal sweet mango and balance of sweetness in gooseberries.
  • Remove the base from the refrigerator, pour in the filling (you may have about a cup left over to be used as desired).


  • Refrigerate overnight to allow the filling to set.  The coconut oil serves as gelatine in helping this “cheesecake” set once refrigerated.  You may also freeze for about 2 hours, if you’re in a hurry to eat this decadent delight.
  • Once the filling has set, remove from the freezer or refrigerator, garnish, slice and serve.
  • Frozen, this cheesecake may be stored for up to one month – a delightful treat in frozen cheesecake too!


Enjoy :)


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