Paleo Custard [Dairy free, Grains free, Gluten free, Sugar free]


Christmas 2013, saw me going totally sugar free, 6  months into my Paleo sugar detox.  While I enjoyed a totally sugar-free Christmas, without the alternatives of date paste or honey, I decide that 18 months into living Paleoliciously, Christmas 2014 would be an indulgence in the sugar alternatives of agave syrup, date paste, honey and maple syrup.

With this in mind, and out to create a Christmas dessert / pudding, this custard recipe forms the base of a recipe to follow, for enjoying a refined sugar-free Christmas pud.  I made this custard in two flavours, one with date paste and dessicated coconut and one with honey, for the dessert treat recipe to follow in a day or two.

The cooking of the custard was a loving and slow process, watching in anticipation of the soft and creamy-silky-smooth, delightful end result…another labour of love that actually beats the taste of store bought or dairy and sugar filled custard. This is another simple recipe that will delight, both in the making and in the tasting! :)


IMG_4104 (2)

400ml coconut milk , preservatives and sugar free

3 large eggs, well beaten

2 bay leaves

1 vanilla bean pod

1.5 – 2.5 tsp raw honey or date paste

Optional:  Dessicated coconut or roasted coconut flakes

Here’s How

  • Split  the vanilla pod down the middle and place in a non-stick pot or saucepan. Add to this, the coconut milk and bay leaves.

IMG_4113 (2)

  • Heat the coconut milk slowly over low stove-top heat (4-5) until it is very steamy and just about simmering.
  • Add in a ladle of the hot coconut milk to the beaten eggs while stirring the eggs vigorously.  Then add the egg mixture back to the pot, stirring constantly.  Continue to stir constantly until the custard thickens (should coat a wooden spoon), for about 8-10 minutes.


  • Remove from heat.  Remove bay leaves and discard.  Remove vanilla bean halves, scrape the inside of the vanilla beans with a sharp knife to collect the vanilla seeds and add back into the custard.  Discard the vanilla bean pod.  Once cooled, add date paste or honey and mix well.  You may add dessicated coconut or roasted coconut flakes, if preferred.

IMG_4119 (2)

  • Serve cold or warmed , as desired.  A pouring over fresh berries and fruit is a good option :)


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