Blackberry Crumble [Dairy free, Gluten free, Grain free, Sugar free]


I love seasonal fruit!  Berries especially :)  I bought 2 punnets of blackberries at the local supermarket the other day – fresh, ripe, succulent babies which was meant for my berry blitz almond milk smoothie.  I actually didn’t get to use it as the desire for a smoothie left soon after buying these berries.  Instead, having had much success with an apple crumble recently, I decided to try it out on the berries…definitely a better option, worth passing on the smoothie for :)

The cashier at the check out counter raised an eyebrow when she saw me take 2 punnets that make 2 cups of blackberries at almost the cost of a kilogram of lamb.  She invited me to visit her home town of Limpopo, the Northern-most province in South Africa, situated on the bend of the mighty Limpopo river, to sit under a blackberry tree and indulge freely :)

This is an easy to put together recipe, with minimal effort but producing a great taste in a crumble.  The ingredients too are simple ones and those requiring a sweeter taste, may drizzle date paste, honey or maple syrup over the fruit before adding the crumble and baking.  I used a grater to grate the raw crumble dough over the fruit.  This crumble works with any fruit addition and crisps to crumble decadence!

Having offered a serving of this delectable crumble to a fussy eater, who thrives on sugar, and making it without any sweetener, they asked for seconds!  The proof is in the eating, indeed!  A guilt-free, easy, no fuss bake which will have you indulging in more :)


IMG_3356 (3)

2-3 cups of fresh blackberries

1 1/2 cups almond flour (you may finely grind raw almonds to flourish consistency)

1 large egg

2 tblsp coconut oil, melted

Cinnamon powder to taste

Optional:  Date paste, raw honey or maple syrup over the fruit, if preferred

1-2 tblsp dessicated coconut added to the almond flour for crumble sweetness

Coconut milk or coconut cream for serving (Preservatives and sugar-free)


Here’s How

  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius
  • Add the blackberries into a pie plate.  If you wish, drizzle a bit of date paste, raw honey or maple syrup on top of the blackberries.

IMG_3361 (3)

  • In a small bowl mix together the egg, almond flour, and coconut oil, and sprinkle on cinnamon powder.  Stir well.  The mixture will be really thick and clumpy at first but eventually form a dough-like mixture.

IMG_3359 (3)

  • Grate with a grater, or by hand, crumble the almond flour mixture on top of the blackberries and bake in your pre-heated oven for 35 minutes.

IMG_3363 (2) IMG_3365 (3)

  • Serve, preferably warm, in bowls with cold preservative and sugar free coconut milk poured over the top.

IMG_3369 (3) IMG_3370 (2) IMG_3377 (2)



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  1. Lilian Boyce says:

    Thank you just the topping I want to make the boys Rhubarb crumble. I will just put the rhubarb and apple at the bottom.

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