Banana-Choc-Nutbutter Ice Cream [Dairy free, Gluten free, Sugar free]

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Banana and nut butter ice-cream with raw cacao paste, similar to choc-chip ice-cream

An easy to make refreshing change from the dairy and sugar-laden variety, this quick recipe resulting in a creamy, soft-serve ice-cream serving –  is a delicious treat for the days when you favour ice-cream for dessert or a quick pre-workout power- snack.

Peeling the banana’s and freezing them overnight, works best and the addition of nut butter of your choice,(preservatives and sugar free), raw cacao for the chocolate taste, and toppped with shaved unsweetened coconut or chopped nuts, makes this a decadent gluten free treat.  Raw cacao paste works brilliantly for lovers of dark chocolate, and, to round off the ice-cream with a choc-chip taste and texture.  Optional extras may include vanilla extract for vanilla ice cream, peppermint with raw cacao or un-sweetend cocoa for choc-mint ice cream, cacao nibs, dried fruit like raisins, or fresh strawberry for strawberry ice-cream



3 bananas (peel and frozen overnight)

2 tblsp nut butter (I used almond nut butter, free of preservatives and sugar)

1-1.5 tblsp raw cacao and/or raw cacao paste


Here’s How

  • Add the frozen chopped banana to a food processor.
  • Pulse and blend the banana with the almond butter and cacao or cacao paste (which will give the ice cream a choc-chip texture) until creamy and smooth.   This may take some time as the banana’s take a good few blends to change from its’ solid state.  You may add in extra nut butter if preferred to quicken the process – be sure not to burn out your food processor! It is advisable to stop and start the blending process based on the power of your blender or food processor.

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  • You may add other optional ingredients as listed above, to suit your taste
  • Enjoy!



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