Baby Marrow/Courgette/Zuchinni Chips

I vaguely recall making this in the past but cannot recall the taste lol!  Anyhoo,  after making a new batch of chicken-zoodle-soup the other day, and using just a quarter all round of the baby marrow to make the zoodles, I was left with the flesh of quite a few of the marrows.  Not particularly enthused to do much with them, I sliced them into fours lengthwise and made chips out of them.  I used lemon-flavoured extra virgin olive oil to coat and sprinkled Himalayan salt and cayenne pepper and thoroughly mixed this through.  Oven baked at 180 degrees, celcius for about 20 minutes, produced crispy chips that could be served as a snack or a vegetable side to the main meal.  Your favourite spice flavouring, along with plain extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil will work well too.  This is a quick and easy no fuss preparation while your main meal cooks.  According to Wikipedia, baby marrow is a particularly low calorie vegetable (15 calories per 100g),  contains useful amounts of folate, potassium and vitamin A.  Snacking on these chips is a guilt-free treat!

I served this with freshly made Paleo Mayonnaise.



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Prava Singh

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