Cauliflower Pizza Base Version 2

I’ve tried several versions and combinations of ingredients over the months and have had many pizza base “failures” but hey, all in the work of a good recipe!  Visiting a few low carb and vegan recipe sites, I’ve combined the ingredients of this pizza base to create one that has a “cheesy” flavour to it, without the cheese!

This pizza base recipe is more thick and doughy than thin. If a thin crust is what you’re after, like I was today, then a couple modifications to the recipe should lend a thinner crust.  Simply spread the mixture to a thinner thickness. You may also turn over the crust halfway through the baking process to help dry out the bottom so both sides are crispier.  I halved the ingredients of this recipe as the medium cauliflower I used, yielded very little once I put it through my masticating juicer.

Cauliflower pizza crust is great on so many levels.
We forgo all the heavily processed carbohydrates that taste great for a second on the tongue; but leaves us feeling heavy, weighted down, and down right lethargic afterwards. Food should not only taste great, but it has to make us feel great! If you’re eating foods that make you feel like there’s a brick in your stomach or you want to take a nap after, check out what you’re putting in that beautiful body of yours (and let’s start with that pizza that most love so much).

Note that this is not going to be like the pizza base that you are used to so open your mind to a new experience of pizza “base”

This dough can be very fragile after it’s baked so handle carefully and if it crumbles, it’s still very very good!

Nutritional yeast is optional and I  used it purely for taste.  It gives off a cheesy flavour and has vitamin B and protein in it.

Top the baked base with your favourite sauce, I used a red pepper sauce that I created this week Be creative with your toppings.  For this pizza I used chilli-garlic-cumin chicken mince, asparagus, sundried tomato’s and mushrooms.   


1 medium head cauliflower , which makes about 2 cups after pureeing and squeezed dry
2  eggs
1 tblsp. coconut flour
1 tblsp ground chia seed (this is optional, but it gives it a wonderful chewy texture)
3 tblsp nutritional yeast
1 garlic clove
¼ tsp dried basil
¼ tsp oregano
1 tsp ground sea salt
Freshly milled black pepper to taste

Here’s How
  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  • To create the pureed cauliflower, chop all the cauliflower florets into small pieces, place into a blender and blend until pureed (it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth).  I used my masticating juicer which separated the cauliflower juice and yielded an almost dry cauliflower pulp.
  • Place the pureed cauliflower mixture into cheese cloth, a nut bag or paper towels over a large bowl (to catch the liquid) and squeeze the excess water from the cauliflower
  • Let the cauliflower in the cheese cloth or your draining item of choice for about 5 minutes, returning thereafter to squeeze any further water.
  • Discard the cauliflower liquid.
  • The end result will resemble a firm puree.
  • Combine the remaining ingredients into the large bowl and hand mix with a large spoon and mix well to form a dough
  • Spread the “dough” into either 1 large pizza shape or 2 small pizza rounds on a lightly greased pizza pan or baking sheet.
  • Avoid spreading the “dough” too thin as the moisture will cause it the crack and pull away from rest of the dough.
    • Bake at 180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, until the top is golden brown and firm to touch.
    • Take out of the oven and top with your favourite toppings.

    Bake for another 10-15 minutes at 210 degrees or until everything on the top has warmed and melted.
















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    Prava Singh

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    1. Megan Bester says:

      Prava is the nutritional yeast for flavour or does it actually serve a purpose? Didn’t see it on the list…going to have to wing it!

    1. July 11, 2014

      […] had much success with the Cauliflower pizza base,  and using coconut flour and chia seeds in the past with that particular base, I decided to […]

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