Thai Chicken Broth

Last week I was playing around with a recipe given to me by a family member who cooks Thai meals at least once a week.  I have adapted it for Paleo Reboot and it was delicious!  The recipe below makes 6 servings which freeze well. Note the ingredients are very much ‘my eye’ based and the quantities should be according to taste.  The next time I make this I will amend this blog post to the exact quantities used. I would play a bit more with the chilli flavours and add to taste!
400g skinless chicken breasts cut into thin strips
half an onion sliced
140g sugar snap peas but into threes
150g sliced mushrooms
80g Rosa Tomatoes
The milk of 1 fresh coconut (pulped) approx. 1.5 cups
3 cups home made chicken stock
2 Fresh Lime leaves
Shavings of dry Lemon grass  (Fresh is a better option)
3  Whole garlic cloves
1/2 handful chopped Fresh coriander
2 chopped Spring onion
2 hot green chilli’s slit into two
2 tblsp olive oil
1 tblsp apple cider vinegar to replace fish sauce that is not gluten or preservative free

Red curry Paste made up as follows:

Red birds eye chilli
Chilli flakes
Cumin seeds
Cayenne Pepper
Basil leaves
Himalayan salt
Dried lemon grass
fresh lime leaves
Freshly ground black pepper
Grind all the ingredients for the Red curry Paste finely in a coffee grinder and mix in fresh garlic and ginger pulp to make the paste
Here’s How:
  • Add oil to a large pot
  • Sautee onion and green chilli
  • Add the red curry paste and mix well.
  • Then add the Chicken stock and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes.
  • Next add in the chicken breast strips, mushrooms and sugar snap peas and let this cook for about 10 minutes
  • Add the coconut milk and apple cider vinegar and 2-3 lime leaves and simmer for a further 5-8 minutes until well blended.
  • Lastly add the cherry tomatoes and chopped fresh coriander and spring onion and this this simmer for about 3 minutes.

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