5 YEARS ON…..Talk about taking a break from eating! Did I do that? Really?

Holy Moly, jeepers creepers, eish man!  Wow!  a whole 5 years and some more – where have  you been Prava?  Ooh eh eh…Ja nee?  Well I is back, back again…and hopefully this journey that I am on will do a few of many things (a) Inspire moi to keep at it, attaining newer heights through improved and improving health (b) Keep me on a straight but meandering path of quizziness, wanting to qwell my thirst to know more about what’s going on in the world of eating “clean”and training like a dirty work-ass mule, (c) Inspire others by leading by example (ha!ha!ha! a laugh a minute hey?) seriously though, if I can convince 1 person, just 1 to keep on a healthy food and exercise programme that will lead to sustained health and long term health benefits, then I am stoked (d) Learn, learn, learn from past mistakes, foibles and all as well as from the brilliant persons that I have come across and continually meet through my journey to my Utopia 😉 (e) live a longer healthier sustained life so that I can be there for my two growing apples of my eye – they deserve a mom who will move earth and heaven for them and how the heck will I do that if I am physically unable to due to health constraints (f) live and learn everyday about the little nuances and tips and information and no, not fads, that will assist me through my journey….so I’m back, going to update this blog with what went on in the past 5 years (will I remember???) but more importantly, from here on forward, use this as a journal to chart my journey, with pitstops, racing points, stalling issues and everything that goes into taking this long walk, stroll, jog, run, to where I need to be…

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Prava Singh

A Mom, daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend experiencing life through an evolutionary body with a revolutionary mind... A recent past former Type 2 insulin dependent and hypertensive walking time-bomb for 13.5 years, I have made positive lifestyle changes that has aided and abetted my health status for my overall betterment. Passionate about all things food, with a proud Indian heritage, I regularly blog my culinary attempts that have worked for me in my endeavours to break the shackles of food addictions and food slavery. Passionate about people too, my decision to share these endeavours is driven by informing others that a lifestyle change through food is indeed possible. I have indeed survived high school and survived life too in the most interesting and thought-provoking ways. Having lost over 50kgs of excess weight in just under a year, I have reclaimed my life and am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

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